• The Pulp Companion Kickstarter is Live!
    This exciting new book brings a PULP load of new material to the Pulp Adventure role-playing game.It adds additional content to the Pulp Adventure role-playing game. Inside this exciting new book you will find new advantages, archetypes, skills and mysterious powers. For the Game Master there will be rules for adjudicating skills, seductions and the random generation of Femme Fatales. For those of you who wish to conduct more epic combats, there will be a set of squad level combat rules for use during times of war or when the characters face overwhelming odds. Also included is an action packed set of tables to randomly generate scenario seeds.
    Please check it out: The Pulp Companion

  • Beasts, Babes and Bad Guys
    A new monster book for Pulp Adventure brings over one hundred enemies and allies to the table. This book provides the GM with a menagerie of creatures prsented in an easy to use format. Also included within are two brand new scenarios to challenge your players with.
    Beasts, Babes and Bad Guys is $20 delivered. Just Email for payment and shipping details.

  • The Revenge of Pulp Adventure is now on sale!
    The World's Greatest Pulp RPG gets a face-lift and a new edition. This definitive edition of the Pulp Adventure Rules includes four new scenarios, new Archetypes and a fully edited and corrected edition. Price is $30 delivered!

  • Cthulhu Pulp
    Cthulhu Pulp, tales from beyond Pulp, will be released at Polycon this year June 27th 2010. The price will be $20.00 ($25.00 for mail order). The book includes rules for Sanity, Tomes of Arcane lore, Monsters, Spells, New Archetypes and five scenarios written for the book. This will be a limited print run, so reserve your copy NOW!

  • Dundracon 2010
    Two exciting events proposed for Dundracon. I have proposed two Scenarios for Dundracon. This year I am playtesting my upcoming release of Cthulhu Pulp, rules and scenarios for Pulp Adventure to give it that "Great Old Feeling". First there's the classic "Haunting" from every version of Call of Cthulhu. This time out, the adventure gets turned on it's ear by Dr. Lyle Hanley and his group of misfits. This well playtested scenario has been a hit several times recently.

  • Second is a playtest from the upcoming book "Journey to the Center of Cthulhu" a completely scientifically accurate expedition to the center of the earth where Dinosaurs and Cave Men still cooexist. Of , course there will be a beutiful cave girl with perfect hair and make up too.

  • Shadows of Yog-Sothoth
    I have been running the very first module ever produced for Call of Cthulhu as a Pulp Adventure Scenario. Here are pictures from the conclusion as our intrepid Investigators encounter Cthulhu on his island of R'yleh.

  • Chapter Three Pictures
    The following pictures show the final confrontation in the Brotherhood's hidden grotto. The heroes sought out rumors of cult activity in the Lousiana town of "Bayou". They found cultists, Aquanoids (fish men) and a strangely mutated man with a large cranium. Look closely to see the Sentinal sneaking through the underground grotto and watch for the death count of cultists off to the side of the grotto. Once again Mega Block comes through with a great set piece.
  • Remember the Module Necropolis "Mask of the Sentinal" comes out at Polycon in July and will available to order on line the same day.

  • Chapter Two Battle Royal!
    Using the Mega Bloks System, I built the warehouse for the climatic
    battle in chapter two of the new module. Here we see pictures of the
    heroes arriving at the warehouse and confronting Brotherhood cultists
    in their warehouse. The battle ends with a crane being knocked over
    partially smashing the ship they (Brotherhood) planned to escape on.

Play-testing is going well, The Module will be released at Polycon in
July. For more information on Poly Con, see the links page.
  • The Sentinal is coming!
    Premiering at Polycon (the central coast's best gaming convention) is Necropolis: The Mask of the Sentinal. One part campaign module and one part sourcebook for the Necropolis campaign, this book will feature new archetypes, rules and a six chapter Pulp Adventure Campaign. The story features an epic struggle of good verses evil with one character taking the part of The Sentinal, the protector of The Secret Society. The main protagonist is The Brotherhood, arch enemies of The Secret Society. However, there is a larger evil lurking in the form of the mysterious "Sleeper" who waits for the stars to be right for his return to power.

    Play-testing is in the third chapter now and copies will be available at Polycon and online after July 7th. Keep watching this page for more news and photos of play-test sessions.
  • "$300 worth of Pulp!"
    The number one signed copy of Pulp Adventure went for $300 at Polycon's annual auction. The lucky buyer will enjoy six additional Pulp points every time he plays the game. All signed copies have sold, leaving regular copies still available at $30.00 including shipping.
  • Pulp Adventure Second Edition premiers at Polycon 25 this June 22nd. Copies will be for sale at the convention. Special signed and numbered editions will be available for a limited time. The new edition boasts more advantages, fluid combat, more weapons and a brand new campaign "The Robots of Doom!" .
  • At the Polycon Holiday Convention, Pulp Adventure was played by none other than Peter Atkison and Skaff Elias, former CEO of Wizards of the Coast and current CEO of GEN CON SO CAL. Mr. Elias even bought a copy of the game.
  • Editing delays have set back a second printing till about mid October. Hopefully by then, there will be a way to purchase rule books online.
  • Pulp Adventure won the Polycon independent game design prize this year for best RPG!
  • Copies of the second printing will be available for the price of $30.00 as of August 1st.