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  The Lights Flickered  

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Pulp Adventure Quiz: I have used this little questionaire for over fifteen years to help make Pulp Adventure characters. It has seldom failed me! If you don't believe me, fill one out and I'll send you a character!


Instructions for the Pulp Adventure Quiz: Hint and humor, how to read the quiz.


Return to the Editor's Envelope: This scenario is based on an adventure published in Issue #47 of The Dragon Magazine. The scenario starts with a plea for help and ends in the underworld of Chinatown in Necropolis. This scenario is sutable for Cliffhanger Level Heroes, upto four characters can be accomidated.


Necropolis Map Book: This book contains maps for all locations from the NECROPOLIS sourcebook originally published by Planet-Pulp Productions in 2008. These maps were not included in the second printing and are provided for your use free of charge.