A boson’s whistle whined as the lean figure in Khaki stepped from the liner known as “The Star of The Orient”. Andrew Merritt had to shake off a palatable sense of wonder at the clash of the Chinese culture as he began his exploration of Shanghai. Smells and sights assailed him in a mixed bag of stimuli. Andrew caught brief snatches of a myriad of conversations and struggled through mental gymnastics to translate the staccato of Chinese language into something intelligible to his mind. He chose some choice words to convey his needs to a “Rickshaw” driver named Fong. Two coins and a quick word of thanks landed Andrew at his hotel.

The “Run Shaw Run Hotel” was not as extravagant as the St. Francis on Union Square but no flophouse either. Andrew tipped the bellhop and saw him out his door before checking the bed to see that it was harder than his tastes but comfortable none the less. From his third story window, Andrew saw the sights of the city through a more objective view and found them to be both daunting and enticing at the same instant. The horizon was beautiful with the setting sun shedding golden light across a harbor teaming with ships of all manner of shape and size. Andrew found no time to rest, Shanghai waits for no man and he wanted to drink in as much of her culture as he could before he began his studies.

As Andrew waded through the ocean of the crowd, he thought about the reasons for his visit, to study the mysterious ways of Chinese medicine and take that wisdom back to his fellow man to help mankind. Little did Andrew Merritt know, that soon he would enter a world of adventure and what he would take back to his homeland of America would be more powerful than any medicine. Andrew was taking his first footsteps down the path of justice!


Welcome to the exciting world of the Pulps. Using the Pulp Adventure rules it can be you as the traveling adventurer from the above example. Pulp Adventure is a role-playing game wherein the players take on the roles of action packed characters that mirror those who graced the pages of many of the popular Pulp magazines.