Dark Avenger

When I came back from studying in China, I found that the city I grew up in was overrun with criminals,

I used my scientific knowledge to become “Night Man” the master of darkness. Now Criminals know fear when they hear my mocking laughter.

--Andrew Merritt, Night Man.


The Avenger has been wronged in some way or believes he has been wronged. He seeks to smash crime and evil at every turn. The Avenger should possess some fighting skills and should be able to match the criminals at their own clandestine skills.

Examples of Dark Avengers are easy to find, names such as The Spider, The Shadow, the Avenger and The Whisperer all spring to mind.
Codes:  Avenger, Punisher, Pragmatist

Contacts:  Black Market, Illegal Casino owner, Thug, Inventor, newspaper Reporter, Taxi Driver, Coroner.

Wealth Level: Upper Class


Beginning Ability Scores

Physique: 60

Intellect: 60

Discipline: 50

Aim Right: 50

Aim Left: 50

Reflexes: 60

Influence: 60

Allure: 40


Toughness: 1d8


Starting Skills: Flips, Climbing, Shadowing,


Occupational Skills:

10            Any Language

10            Quick Draw

10            Rope Swings

20            Climbing

20            Contortion

20            Interrogation

20      Mimicry

20            Shadowing

20            Streetwise

30            Disguise

30            Gadgetry

30            Security Systems

40      Brawling

40-50 Martial Arts (Any)


Suggested Powers: Command, ESP, Fear, Hypnosis, Invisibility, Shadow Control, Sight

Advantages: Mysterious Stranger (Noir)



Sixth Sense

Trench Coat Effect

Two fisted

Vested Contact


Starting Equipment:

Flowing trench coat or cloak

Mask or Scarf


Two Automatic Pistols

Distinctive Ring, pendant or something.

Long Black Car